Italian fabric, an alliance of craftsmanship
and precision in detail.


Dexterity and artisanry enclose Italian culture and identity.

Careful attention to detail and passion for beauty give life, through manual work, to unique products appreciated worldwide.


High quality is invariably the outcome of intelligent effort.

Quality is never casual. It is a product of the utmost attention to the properties of raw materials and manual work, of care for details, and passion for beauty.


One where art and design blend to express emotions.

Designing is planning and producing, by using a strong awareness of the present and an ability to envision the future, products that combine engineering and art, innovation and style, manufacturing, and the market.

Each tale is unique,
we want to tell you our own.

METERC’s history began in 1988 with production strictly focused on mechanical processing. After nearly a decade, the creative and visionary instinct of the founder led the company to specialize in the production of high-quality woven products.

The strong self-confidence achieved over time and the avant-garde vision of the product, are what has differentiated the company over time. Meterc is a large family , where everyone is at the same level as the other.

“Passion and competence are the cornerstones around which, every day, the company’s projects and operations are developed.”

This is a reality that is reflected in its products, always aiming to provide the best service according to the demands of the client. Through learning, determination, and continuous experimentation, the company is now a reference point in Italy in the production of woven elements, unique in quality and design. All this enabled us to establish a close collaboration with the best brands of Made in Italy furniture such as Minotti, B&B Italia, MDF Italia, Giorgio Collection, Pedrali, Saba, Tonon.

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